About Us

Our primary aim at Vida Consulting is to promote mental wellbeing and enhance productivity in the workplace and across communities.

Since our inception, we have made it our mission to support and actively encourage individuals, organisations, and communities to prioritise their wellbeing.

Vida Consulting Limited offers consulting, research training and wellbeing services


Why Promote Wellbeing

Mental health is an area that is often misunderstood which is largely due to the ignorance and stigma that surrounds this subject.

Mental ill health is on the global rise and impacts negatively on staff productivity and wellbeing in the workplace

The World Health Organisation estimates that 1in 4 people will experience mental ill health at some point in their lifetime.

There is growing evidence that supports the link between workplace stress and the development of common mental disorders such as anxiety and depression.


Why Choose Vida Consulting

Vida Consulting seeks to address the above by working proactively with organisations and communities to adopt a preventative approach to this.